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Ok I'm done speaking in 3rd person (clears throat to get rid  of work voice)...

My Fashion Journey: From (the) Sticks to DIY Fashion Tricks

It all started in a small town in Michigan in 198-....I'm kidding...

I won't say that I've always loved fashion. In fact, shopping used to be a nightmare.  I've been 6'0 since I was about 13...and didn't weigh over 150lbs until I was in college. So, I don't think it's necessary to explain why my nickname in high school was 'Sticks' (PNH c/o 00..yall hell lol).

Being super tall and skinny, I had to be creative with my outfits. Over time, I became a DIY and thrifting queen (because I wasn't willing to risk a DIY gone wrong on a $50 pair of jeans).


When I entered corporate America, I struggled with finding a happy place with my style. I wanted to look professional but not at the expense of totally compromising my personal style.

I love bright colors, mixing prints, textures and period pieces. .....oversized bags, big hair, red matte lipstick...You get it...

I experimented, shopped, thrifted, DIY'd (well you know what I meant here) and repeated. My style is forever evolving and I love helping other people discover their visual signatures. I don't consider myself a stylist.

I'm just a creative that can redress someone in my mind in 30 seconds!

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