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Meet Mya

Meet Mya

 'Profashional Careers' highlights professionals across all industries, fields and skill sets to provide insight to what may be your next career!

I always look forward to engaging with women in technology so I am super excited to share Mya's career story.

 What is your current job title?

As many of us women these days, we wear many hats. I currently have two titles, IT Service Management Specialist for the Federal Reserve Information Technology and IT Services and Staffing Resource for my own IT Consulting Company, EDI Integrated Business Solutions.


 Describe a typical day in your current role.

A typical day is responding to hundreds of emails daily from my home office, reading, analyzing, researching, generating reports and facilitating meetings. Each week I tend to work 60-70 hours. So needless to say I look forward to the weekends 😊. I work with and support any businesses in need of IT Services and Staffing from a Minority Owned Business. I don’t really look at the issues that I face as an “Issue” however it is merely a challenge that I can learn from.


 What advice would you give to Profashionals looking to transition into your field?

Since there are so many different avenues you can go down within Information Technology, my advice is to find out what you are most passionate about, pursue it, master it with paid training under a w2 (Limited Income) then convert to a 1099 by start your own business (Unlimited Income).



 The best fashion advice that I've received is...

In regards to attire, Continue to be your unique self. Don’t be afraid to show your personality through your professional attire. That’s what make you different.


Thanks for sharing Mya!

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