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Weekend Vibes

Weekend Vibes

My weekends are organized chaos! I plan everything on the weekends from spa days, brunch, quick getaways, family time, meetings....you get it. I like to keep my look simple, although my days aren't!

For the most part, my style is what I like to call complicated simplicity. By my BFFs definition, it's doing the LEAST but looking like you did the MOST (on second thought she may have been describing me and not my outfit.)

blog 1.jpg


Create this super simple weekend look with 3 key pieces:

1. Feminine top: Ruffles, floral prints, off the shoulder, peep back (the back version of a peep toe?) blouses...or show a little cleavage. Go with whatever is comfortable and makes you feel girly.

2. Denim: There are so many options. White denim takes any casual look up a notch. Depending on where you're going, you can wear a pair of DIY cut off shorts or jeans. Cross over to the dark side with black denim skinny jeans. Personally, I like my black jeans to look worn (ashy doesn't have a ring to it). I cut slits in the pair below and threw them in the dryer for 10 minutes before I left the house.

3.  Cross body bag: I don't know about you, but I love having my hands free when I'm moving and shaking on the weekends. Cross body bags come in all colors and sizes and make a perfect finishing touch to your look.

Add a couple pieces of stand out jewelry to complete the look and voila!

blog 4.jpg
blog 3.0.jpg

You can recreate this look every weekend with different pieces! I'd love to see how you style these 3 essentials. Tag me on IG to be featured in my stories with this look!







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