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Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers

Hey there! As most of you know, I love thrifting. In fact, many of my favorite pieces are from Goodwill's. 

When people ask where I found an outfit or a particular piece and I tell them, the most common comment that I hear is "I can NEVER find the cute stuff like you!". Well, I can help you with that! 

Here are 3 things to remember when thrifting:


1. Things are not always as they appear to be. By that, I mean you have to have a vision for a piece. When I saw this yellow top, I could have easily passed it up. It was three sizes too big and square shaped. I tried it on anyway. I'm glad I did because this top has so much versatility It can be tied in the front, back or on either side.  It can be worn off one shoulder or both. The bold color can be worn with anything..from a cute pair of jeans to this vintage accordian skirt.


2. You don't have to find an entire outfit in the same trip. The good thing about thrifting is because it's inexpensive, you buy pieces that you may not wear for awhile. If you find a piece that fits well, is a great color or you have a vision for it, BUY IT! I bought the top a month or so ago with no plans for where, when or how I'd wear it. I came across the skirt less than a week ago...with no plan for it. I was going through my closet, decided to try the two together and voila! 


3. Prints, please. I've never met a print I didn't like...(expect for that one time I saw a pink cow print shirt) Prints add make your look visually interesting and can take an otherwise 'blah' look to the next level. They are also easy to spot out in a sea of clothes when you are thrifting. You can easily style around a print by adding colors, accessories and structure. 



Until next time, happy thrifting! 

Minimalistic Summer

Minimalistic Summer

Professional Action Figure

Professional Action Figure