How Entrepreneur and Author Juliet “Juju” Raises Over 200k for Charity by Celebrating Her Birthday with Fans



Go Juju! It’s ya birthday! Multi-hyphenate author and actress Juju has been celebrating her birthday the entire month of March for the past 3 years during her birthday tour. This year, Juju has been lighting up cities from NYC to LA speaking at colleges during the day and partying with fans at night! 

But let’s keep it real, the best part of any birthday celebration are the gifts…and Juju agrees. No, I’m not talking about designer bags and getting flewed out. Juju earns over 200k during her birthday tour and gifts a percentage to an orphanage in her home country, Cuba. She also gives to her non-profit for girls, Precious Jewels.

I caught up with the birthday girl to get the tea on how she manages it all.


The Profashionalist: You’re an actress, television star, realtor, author and creator of a non-profit. Girl, that’s a lot! How are you able to create work-life balance? 


Juju: It’s a whole lot! Honestly, I don’t have an allocated time for just work. It’s intertwined with other aspects of my life. Some days are hectic while others are smooth. You just kindajust roll with it. What helps me balance is being intentional about being present…. whether it’s at work or in my personal time. 


The Profashionalist: Speaking of balance… what’s the most important business lesson that you’ve learned that helps keep you sane? 


Juju: When I first became an entrepreneur, I wanted to do it all myself. My hair company (Candy Jewels) was my first business.It would have been beneficial to learn the power of delegation sooner. As challenging as it was for me, I had to learn not to be so hands on.  


The Profashionalist: Not having your hands in everything has allowed you the freedom to work on other endeavors like your non-profit, Precious Jewels. Why did you create your own non-profit, instead of contributing to an existing one? What specific need were you hoping to fill? 


Juju: Precious Jewels is my baby. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do. I created it to support adolescent girls inbuilding self- confidence, self-acceptance and self -love. 



The Profashionalist:  Instilling these values in young girls will help them building healthy relationships, including friendships. Some women say that female relationships can be messy and prefer to keep a tight circle. Others feel that a strong girl tribe is critical to success in business and life. What has your experience been? 


Juju: I’m a strong believer of women’s empowerment. For me, it isn’t about a tight circle vs a tribe. It’s more about the quality of women you’re surrounded with.


The Profashionalist:  Surrounding yourself with positivity is important in all aspects of life. Let’s talk social media. You share pieces of your life which opens you up to negativity and criticism. How do you deal with that?


Juju: Yes! Social media can be a beast! Sharing your world comes with unwanted opinions. It’s important to understand that it’s exactly that….an opinion. I don’t pay attention to the trolls. Personally, I pay attention to the positive. There are so many people that love and support me. 

You definitely have to respect and support a Girl Boss that has not only created multiple streams of income but is giving back in a major (and fun) way. Catch the second leg of Juju’s birthday tour and turn up for a good cause!